The Psychology of Trading by Andrea Wylan



Amir: What a stimulating meetup! I had previously listened to Andrea's presentation online, but having the opportunity to speak to her on your meeting provided a much better experience. Andrea's case studies like Ron and Marie are very common examples of how our upbringing and past life-experiences can trap and effect our trading performance.  Thank you very much for another great meetup.

Stefan Waggoner: I gained a better understanding as to the forces that drive and hinder some traders. Developing a successful strategy that reduces the emotional aspect of playing the numbers is key. Letting fear and greed take hold is a guarantee of failure.

Gregory Wexler (prior becoming Organizer): Great topic and insight! Each individual is different and yet we are all human with all the feelings and emotions that come with that. My biggest take-away is the importance of establishing a plan – planning the work (trades) and working the plan reducing/eliminating emotions from the decisions. If the plan is not working, fix it BEFORE or OUTSIDE of the scope of your actual trade execution.