Your Organizers

Gonzalo Peres


Gonzalo Peres is a full-time professional technical analyst trader for the last 10 years; with a total of 25+ years of market experience . He specializes on the S&P500 e-Mini and Options strategies on Indexes and Stocks, utilizing high probability proprietary self-developed methods to find accurate opportunities to maneuver the market.

Aaron Woodard


Aaron is a technical analyst with over 10 years experience. He specializes in automated trading systems for the S&P500 e-Mini. He has been an integral part of our Meetups since 2016

Gregory Wexler


Gregory has thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. He is one of the founders and actively engaged with MortgageCoach. He's invested in multiple cryptocurrency ventures and continues to share new visions and concepts into the space.

Gregory is passionate about his entrepreneurial endeavors because he enjoys the process: casting the vision, creating, building, and growing. “There is something invigorating about working with a team of people to build something challenging that stands out and goes a step beyond.”

“Our mission is not to indoctrinate, but to attempt to provide the collective conditions in which we can all learn from one another”Your TraderMeetup Organizers