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TradersMeetup Woodland Hills
“Synergy and Collaboration”

The Los Angeles Traders Network welcomes anyone who is interested in the Stock Market from beginning to advanced investors.

We are a very active group of self-directed investors/traders that meet every month, where we discuss the current Market outlook. Our main emphasis is on Options, Futures and Forex; using technical analysis strategies which provide consistently high probability of returns.

Members are welcome to share their experiences, develop new concepts, discuss, learn and expand your trading knowledge. Gain confidence and increase your probabilities of becoming a successful investor.

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TradersMeetup Glendale
“Keeping it Simple”

Meet options enthusiasts, aficionados, self proclaimed experts and industry veterans. Discuss options mechanics, trading strategies, probabilities, use of derivatives and the pros and cons of options trading. We use high probability (and easy to understand) Option strategies to increase your outcome of success! If you're new to options trading or have not really dealt with options in your portfolio. This is a group to discuss options trading for retail traders new and pros alike, consider joining.

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TradersMeetup Master Traders
“Advanced Trading Strategies”

California Master Traders is a private meetup group and available via ‘invitation only'.  Please visit one of Los Angeles Traders Network or Los Angeles Option Traders if you have interest in joining.

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Traders Meetup West LA
“Stock and Option Strategies”

Traditional equity markets have appealed to retail investors for years.  Come visit us and learn how you can apply stock and option strategy in your retail portfolio.

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