Why Your Trade Failed and What You Can Do About It Tomorrow

David Winter addresses the causes of failure (market-based and psychological) and offers strategies to address the problems that might have been behind the failure so that the issues are mitigated in the future. SLIDE PRESENTATION (part 1 of 2): SLIDE PRESENTATION (part 2 of 2): VIDEO PRESENTATION (part 1 of 2): VIDEO PRESENTATION (part 2 of 2):

Everything You Need to Know about MACD

Robert Sarian will review the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator which is one of the most popular technical indicators. During this presentation, we will discuss how the MACD indicator is constructed, how the indicator works, how to use it, what the MACD indicates and what to watch out for when using the MACD indicator. This presentation is a great …

Trading the GameStop Fiasco

Chaster Johnson discusses the fiasco that occurred with GameStop trading. SLIDE PRESENTATION: VIDEO PRESENTATION:    

VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)

A presentation by Gonzalo Peres Learn how VWAP can be used to add an edge to many powerful strategies, enhancing the probabilities of a successful trade together with: AB=CD pattern, Market Profile, Harmonic patterns, and others… SLIDE PRESENTATION: VIDEO PRESENTATION: Due to technical issues Video is not be available. We are working on re-recording (TBD)

Trade using Price Action

Greg Wexler will illustrate how Price Action forms the basis for all technical analysis of a stock, commodity, or other asset chart. Price Action trading simply means you are basing your trade decisions on price movements of an asset. Assets below include both SLIDE PRESENTATION and VIDEO PRESENTATION. SLIDE PRESENTATION: VIDEO PRESENTATION: Video Recording Below (be patient as the first …