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Meet the Pros by Gonzalo Peres

Mike: Great presentations, as always!!!!

Miguel Angel Rosales: Years of information shared in two hours. Amazing insight into the world of trading. No hype, real traders on what it takes to be successful.

Stefan Waggoner: A great deal of insight into the mental preparations needed to succeed as a trader. Definitely going to add a few things to my daily routine.

Practical Approach to Technical Analysis by Aaron Woodard

Vaughn Adams:  Best Trader meet up in SoCal. Great leadership. Thank you Aaron for a great presentation

Susan: Great presentation. I'm glad I've found this group.

Arthur Marcus: Excellent presentation. Lots of great ideas.

Swing with the Markets by Arthur Marcus

Hitesh Shah: Thanks Arthur. Great presentation.

Art: Arthur, knocked it out of the park!! Awesome presentation!

Gregory Wexler: Arthur's presentation, “Swing with the Markets” offered a great review of The Measured Move – a trading strategy for which he's applied successfully over many years. He utilizes a number of additional techniques including a review of multiple timeframes in order to achieve his objectives. I really enjoyed his presentation – thank you Arthur!

Scaling Volatility Efficiently by Gonzalo Peres

Harout: Thank you Gonzalo. I learn something I did not know about.

Brian Lorber: Excellent presentation, as always.

Greg: Awesome Meetup! Great presentation and very informative. This group is truly dedicated to sharing knowledge with traders new and experienced. Will definitely attend future meeting with this group.

Hitesh Shah: Great Presentation. Combination of VWAP and Standard Deviation is very powerful tool for successful trader.

Arthur Marcus: Great presentation Gonzalo. Really terrific stuff to check out and see how other traders can use your discussion. Thanks.

Trading with Chart Patterns by Ken Chow

Vin Ruiz: Thank you Ken for your presentation last night. it was clearly evident that you are passionate about trading with Chart patterns. Even though I am a beginner, I learned a lot.

Mike: Thank you for an outstanding presentation! I love technical analysis, and your fresh look at how to decipher what price is doing, was a great lesson.

Mary: I'm so glad I came! This has been the market-related meetup I've attended. Thank you Ken for your presentation. I so get how you think!

The Psychology of Trading by Andrea Wylan

Amir: What a stimulating meetup! I had previously listened to Andrea's presentation online, but having the opportunity to speak to her on your meeting provided a much better experience. Andrea's case studies like Ron and Marie are very common examples of how our upbringing and past life-experiences can trap and effect our trading performance.  Thank you very much for another great meetup.

Stefan Waggoner: I gained a better understanding as to the forces that drive and hinder some traders. Developing a successful strategy that reduces the emotional aspect of playing the numbers is key. Letting fear and greed take hold is a guarantee of failure.

Gregory Wexler (prior becoming Organizer): Great topic and insight! Each individual is different and yet we are all human with all the feelings and emotions that come with that. My biggest take-away, is the importance of establishing a plan – planning the work (trades) and working the plan reducing / eliminating emotions from the decisions. If the plan is not working, fix it BEFORE or OUTSIDE of the scope of your actual trade execution.

We are retail traders just like you. We understand that trading is one of the toughest jobs in the world. If you're not consistently leveraging best-practice trading ideals, we think we can help fortify your trading plan.

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Good trading involves these core competencies and ideals:

  • Trading Plan
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Risk Management
  • Control
  • Record Keeping
  • Trading Platform
  • Mentorship
  • Edge
  • Research
  • Collaboration
  • Margin Management
  • Time & Dedication
  • Money Management
  • Trading Psychology
  • Trading Strategy